Shipping Policy - I refund extra shipping!

Shipping can be a bear.  And calculating shipping can be a challenge.  I do the best I can to ship the most inexpensive way that will also have tracking (Click & Ship type).  Anything over one lb. in weight means Priority Mail and that can look really expensive, I have found.

For example, a kit is 1lb 1 oz.  Four yards of gauze is 1lb 3oz.  So, Priority Mail.  Three yards of fabric is 15oz so less than 1lb., a fabric and batting kit is 11oz and therefore both goes First Class Mail which is good.

I cannot change how it is calculated here on the shop BUT I can refund any extra shipping costs that you pay.  I find that Flat Rate Shipping Envelopes work really well for the *over a lb.* purchases (like the full kits as well as multiple yardages) and it is more cost effective but I cannot find an option to do that.  Yet.  So, please trust that I will ship Flat Rate when it works for your benefit and will refund any extra you have paid with Priority Shipping.  

If you have any concerns or questions about it, please contact me and I would be happy to help.  It is no problem at all to calculate in advance how much the real shipping costs will be for you.  :)


P. S.  I also repurpose shipping envelopes and boxes when I ship items.  Every little bit helps!