Welcome to My Online Shop!

Bobbins 'n Threads is a machine quilting studio located in historic Laramie Wyoming.  My customers keep me hopping!  My love for sewing and handcrafts started when I was six years old and my mother gave me some fabric to make her an apron and the use of the sewing machine as I was always hanging around when she sewed..which she did a lot of with three little girls to sew for!

But I am also an avid hand work addict...hand quilting, english smocking, knitting, bobbin lace, spinning..haven't tried weaving yet but it is on my bucket list.  Hence the name *Bobbins 'n Threads*...my craft includes all kinds of bobbins and I am a lover of thread.  And yummy fabrics!

And my new love (addiction) is big stitch quilting. Especially on 100% cotton gauze fabric.  It is fast, relaxing, and the finished product is so cozy and *old time quilty*.  And that is how this little shop started...to sell double gauze, needles, threads and kits.

For Big Stitch Quilting on Double Gauze Fabric, for sewing apparel and home decor, for baby items...we will grow and expand.

And since I am also a busy longarmer, I also sell threads.  So, I will be stocking Superior Threads and Handi Quilter supplies (I am also a Handi Quilter rep).  I use and love Handi Quilter machines and love to use different threads and fabrics in my work.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the box below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  😊